NielsenIQ University Program 
The NielsenIQ University Program is a data analytics training program that allows students to explore just that by analyzing the latest consumer trends for consumer-packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers that we all know and love. NielsenIQ University Program Scholars work to solve a real marketing challenge for a major brand using syndicated data.

In a team of 5, we achieved 2nd place. During this 12-week data analytics course and case competition, I analyzed consumer trends for Kimberly-Clark; gathered insights from syndicated data, provided marketing recommendations, and presented solutions to our clients. 
P&G CEO Challenge
The P&G CEO Challenge tests your aptitude for business strategy and real-life problem-solving. This is a global case competition that challenges students to showcase their ability to think critically about leading a brand. 

In a team of 3, we placed top 8 out of 70 teams and completed in the Regional Finals among top-tier schools across North America. The objective of the case competition was to demonstrate how P&G can leverage the growth of the gaming industry to increase sales. Drawing upon data-driven insights and market research, our proposed solution centred around employing a "Networking Within Gaming" approach. This strategy aimed to promote the Head and Shoulders Ingredient Inspired Collection, resulting in increased brand visibility and sales growth.
Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for Health First Network
 During the MRKT10052 Consulting course at Mohawk College, I collaborated with a team of 4 to prepare a detailed integrated marketing communication plan for Health First Network. Health First Network is a group of independent natural health and wellness retailers whose first love is to help people in their communities live healthier lives. Based on our team's exceptional performance, we were selected to present our project to marketing executives at Health First Network. Our key objectives were to increase dollar sales and in-store displays through various promotion tactics such as public relations, event promotion, social media marketing, and more.
Integrated Marketing Communication Plan & Creative Brief for Geneva Centre for Autism
 During the MK361 Integrated Marketing Communications course at Mohawk College, I collaborated with a team of 5 to prepare a Creative Brief, and later on an integrated marketing communication plan for the Geneva Centre for Autism. With over 30 years of experience, Geneva Centre for Autism is an international leader with local community roots, committed to the development and delivery of modern clinical intervention programs and professional training. The objective of the campaign was to help Geneva Centre for Autism increase brand
awareness and to promote their brand image by revitalizing their social media platforms with engaging content and driving traffic to the company website through various communication tools.
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